Alternative to Instagress

 As I’m sure you’re aware, the popular Instagram automation tool has been shut down.  The reasons for this haven’t really been disclosed, basically Instagram didn’t like Instagress. There are tons of alternative automation tools out there, you just need to be careful which you choose. You run the risk of wasting your time, effort and money on a tool that will eventually get closed down too or one that’ll get your account banned. In this article we’ll discuss the best alternative to instagress.

Use a Bot Wisely

Using a Instagram bot can have amazing effects on your accounts and brand. If you use a bot in a way that makes you look like a robot, it will have bad effects on your audiences perception of you. Not only that but this could end up getting your account closed. People hate spam and so does Instagram, use these tools respectfully or don’t use them at all.

The Alternative

I’m not going to sit here and give you a list of 20 alternatives that I’ve never tried, I’m going to give you the best alternative I’ve found. And I’ll be honest, the best for me may not be the best for you. You need to try them for yourself. Most websites will offers some form of free trail, so just give them a try.

Instaplus is the best alternative I’ve found, have I tried all the alternatives? no. But this is because Instaplus does what I want, and does it well.

Here’s why I like it:

Auto Posting / Scheduling Posts

You can upload photos to Instaplus, add a caption, set a date and time and the bot will do the rest.

Auto Liking

Choose a hashtag or a user and the bot will like the posts for you.

Auto Following

Same as the above, but instead of liking it will follow.

Auto Unfollowing

Most users just won’t follow you back, so this is a good option to clean out the unfollowers

Cloud based

No software to download, its all done in your browser

Faster than Instagress

Instagress was pretty slow, I imagine this is so your had to buy more time.

Instaplus offers a 7 day free trial, so you have plenty of time to test out all the features – use this link to get your free trail.


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  • Cameron Kinney

    Now that instaplus is shut down, I think bots are coming to an end. About 6 months ago I started working with a company called Relaxed Social ( and they have been killin it on my account. They dont use bots, so it is a bit more expensive, but its still only like $60/month.

  • Alexandra Milo

    You can try to use organic tool like Combin or Inconosquare, they are safe and bring real engagements and not fake bots and awkward comments.