64 Best Dashboard Design Inspiration Ideas

64 Best Dashboard Design Inspiration Ideas

We now live in a world of the internet and more and more services rely on the internet as their main business model. They collect date, sell products and a whole range of other things. The businesses need to be able to display and organise this information in beautiful ways. Today we are not looking at beautiful website – no, instead we are going to be looking at what powers the websites – the dashboards.

The dashboard is the interface between the user and the website. It is used to control the site, service or tool. A dashboard is sometimes referred to as the admin panel or something similar. A dashboard design can either make or break the site. A poorly designed dashboard could easily make your website hard or confusing to manage. Dashboard designs that are simple, avoid clutter, highlight important information and be pleasing to the eye are the ones that are successful.

Dashboard design has only recently become a thing. In the beginning of the internet the dashboard was seen as something that no body would see. What was the point of spending time, and money to make it beautiful. Yes, they would function well, but usually the design was stuck in the 90s. The dashboards we see and use nowadays don’t only function well they are also visually appealing. Take WordPress for example, it started off with a very basic, and pretty ugly interface. Overtime it has evolved to something very usable and quite beautiful.

Now that we have explored the background of dashboard design, we can move onto seeing the actual designs! In this article I’m going to be showing some of the best. Some of these will be real dashboard designs that are in use and some will be concepts – but either way they will be beautiful.

Statistics (radar chart)

by Mike | Creative Mints

Chronos Pinboard

by Victor Erixon


by Cosmin Capitanu

Bills Bills Bills

by Cosmin Capitanu

To-Do Dashboard

by Tiberiu Neamu

Trello Atlassian

by Michal Parulski

Statistics Dashboard

by Mike | Creative Mints

Panels Dashboard

by Cosmin Capitanu

Zora Dashboard – Properties

by Balkan Brothers

DI.FM Dashboard

by uixNinja

Hixle Feed

by Balraj Chana

iPad Dashboard

by Ben Mingo

HL – Customers

by Filip Justić

Bolt Inbox

by Michael Korwin

HL – Dashboard Dark

by Balkan Brothers

Nest Control Concept

by Sam Thibault

Workout Summary

by Hanna Jung

Dashboard Sponseasy

by Barthelemy Chalvet

Seller Dashboard

by Barthelemy Chalvet

Train Officer Dashboard

by Ghani Pradita

Sales Funnel

by Eddie Picot

Helium Device Dashboard

by Peter Main

POC UI Dashboard

by Eric Hoffman

Security Reports

by Sam Thibault

Exchanger Dashboard

by Alan Podemski

Runster Profile Dashboard

by Unity

Payroll and Office Management Dashboard

by Ardias Elga Kurnia

Blood Donation App Dashboard

by Nur Praditya Wibisono

Admin Dashboard

by uixNinja

Dashboard Projects Screen

by Unity

Health Profile

by kazi sayed ullah

Coachboard interface

by Valentin Salmon

Engine Dashboard

Home Monitoring Dashboard

Payoneer Dashboard Redesign

User Management Dashboard

Instagram Followers Dashboard

Business Management Dashboard

Dashboard Home

Founder Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Smart Home Dashboard

Circular Area Chart

Java Dashboard

Home Monitoring Dashboard

Freelancer Dashboard

App Dashboard

Dashboard concept

Stock trading platform dashboard

Home Monitoring Dashboard

Fitness Monitoring Dashboard

Home Monitoring

Zunpena Dashboard

Beautiful Places Dashboard

Banking Dashboard

Planner Dashboard

Payment Dashboard

Client X : Dashboard

Krt – Projects Dashboard

CC Dashboard

Task Management Dashboard

Project Overview Screen

Planner Dashboard

Uber Analytics Dashboard

Wrap Up

Now that we’ve explored some of the best dashboard design on the internet, you should be feeling very inspired. Why not leave us a comment or share the article with a friend.

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