10 Ways for Graphic & Web Designers to Earn M...

10 Ways for Graphic & Web Designers to Earn Money Online

earn money online as a graphic designer

Making money online nowadays is relatively easy, making a living online is hard. If you have the skills you can make some serious money by using your skills in clever ways. This article is going to focus on people who have Graphic Design skills and Web Design skills. Some tips below will even apply to Web Developers, but thats not the main focus of this article.

You may already be a freelance designer, in which case you’re already familiar with making money online. But if you’d like to increase your design income without increasing your long term workload – then keep reading, this is a good post for you too.

You could even be wanting to cut down your working hours and replace those lost earning with passive earnings. Whatever the reason, this post will go over ways you can make money online some are passive others not so much.

What is Stopping you from Making Money?

First I’d like to go over the reasons stopping you from making money online as a designer.

You just like to be creative, you love create beautiful looking things that people love to look at. But at the same time you need to pay rent, so you end up taking a job that you hate just for the money. Nothing wrong with that, but you’ll feel unfulfilled for the rest of your life. So for this person, they never have enough time or energy for creative things.

Another reason is charging below what you’re worth. A lot of freelance designers charge well below what they could, simply because they’re scared of putting clients off or they just don’t think they’re worth it.

This is the reason for this article, to explore alternative revenue streams that a designer can use to boost their income, and maybe even make it a full time thing.

Start and Maintain a Blog

Okay this isn’t technically passive, because there is lots and lots of work involves in setting up a blog. Then you have to worry about traffic and content writing. But if you just want to earn a little extra each month then this is a great way to earn money. You can easily turn your passion or hobby into a profitable blog.

Once you’ve setup a blog and posted a few awesome articles, you have lost of options to monetise these posts.

Display Ads

I’m sure you’ve heard of Adsense? Adsense allows you to turn traffic and ad clicks into cash. There is no limit in how much money you can make doing this, the only limiting factor is traffic and the time you can invest.


If your blog is in a category where there is lots of products, then affiliate marketing maybe the best route to take. It allows you to post about someone else’s product and if someone buys that product via the link or coupon you provided, then you’ll make a percentage of that sale. A good option for this is Amazons Affiliate Program.

Sponsored Posts

This is only for blog that have a decent following. It’s essentially selling a blog post on your site to a brand. This is the main income source of some blogs, but be careful with these as readers can get annoyed if your blog is just full of sponsored posts.

The best way to run a blog in my opinion is to use all of them, in small doses. Once you have a blog set up, most of the money earned is relatively passive.

Sell on Creative Market

 This is a great way to earn extra money from your design skills. Creative Market is an online marketplace for design assets, they sell texture, photoshop brushes, stock photos, fonts and loads more.

If you can make Fonts or Photoshop brushes or anything they sell on the site, then what are you waiting for? Post them on the site and get them monetised .

Sell Wordpress Themes

I’m sure you’re familiar with, they’re the biggest marketplace for selling WordPress themes and themes for other platform. So if you’re a web designer, then this one is perfect for you. You can also try out Mojo Marketplace it similar to Themeforest but has a much nicer interface.

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Sell your Photograph

  Are you good with a camera? Then you’ll be able to make a few extra dollars a month by selling your photography as stock. I use Shutterstock simply because their approval process is simple and quick and they have a large audience of buyers. Doing this won’t make you rich but it’ll earn you a little extra without having to do any work after uploading.

You’ll only earn $0.25 for most photos to begin with, I know this doesn’t sound like a lot, but it adds up. This also increases over time, so the more you sell the more you’ll earn per photo.

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If you’re not camera shy then this maybe a great way to earn extra money, the money earned is passive after the initial work of creating and uploading a video. You could earlier share tips, tutorials or even blog your life. Once you get to a certain number of view then you’ll be able to monetise them.

Sell Your Designs on Physical Goods

Nowadays getting your designs onto products is very, very easy. Site like Redbubble and Society6 allow you to upload your own design and sell them as anything you want – iPhone cases, pillow, clock and a whole range more. This is a great way to gain exposure for your art and a great way to earn a little extra each month.

Write a eBook or even a Book

Have a passion and knowledge for something? then turn this knowledge into a book and earn sale from it for years down the line. Creating an ebook is easy and can be done with any design application or word editor. The ebook can then be published on your own website and on amazon. Amazon even have a service where they’ll print and sell the book for you. Or if you want to take things in to your own hands, you can use a service like Blurb.

Sell Handmade

Are you a pro at making handmade cards or jewellery… or anything! Then why not sell them on Etsy? This is a great, and fun way to make extra cash and who knows, this could turn into a full time thing if you take it seriously enough.

Sell your Skills

Similar to writing your own book, but this focuses on teaching people skills. If you’re well knowledgeable in a certain field, then why not turn that into a course that people pay for. Site like Udemy and Skillshare allow you to do this very easily, some people even do this full time. But this can also be a great little earner to pay your electricity bill each month, or something similar.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is hard and can be very annoying. Affiliate marketing is the process of finding a product with an affiliate program and then marketing that product to people for a percentage of the sale. This can work great if you have already got an audience, but if you haven’t then I wouldn’t recommend this approach to making money online.


After reading this article I’m sure you’ll find at least 1 thing that you can do, if not more. If you did find it helpful then please share with your friends as this helps us out tremendously.

I hope this has been a useful resource and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavour. Always remember to never give up, even when things aren’t going the way you expected.

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