20 Website Layout Ideas to Get Your Creative Juice...

20 Website Layout Ideas to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

As designers we sometimes need fresh inspiration for our projects, normally this is for colour schemes or the like. Today we are going to be exploring some creative and unique website layout ideas that will hopefully spark your creativity.

When designing websites we normally adhere to the unspoken rules, logo to the left, menu to the right, banner slider below that etc… We rarely get to experiment when working for clients. Who can blame them. They want a perfect website that they know will work, and people will be able to easily use. This is especially true for online businesses that depend on selling products.

As someone once said, “to break the rules, we must first learn them”. This is something I’ve always stood by. How can you break the rules if you don’t even know what the rules are? This applies to all aspects of life, from work life to personal life.

Some of us may never get to experiment like the examples I’m about to show below. But thats okay, I’m sure you’ll be able to take inspiration and apply them to your projects anyway. If you want to see the design closer up, just click through. All images are linked to the source.

by Sencer

by Nathan Riley

by Craig Gittins

by Balraj Chana

by Zhenya & Artem

by Michael Korwin

by Jeremy Goldberg

by Nathan Riley

by Andrew Baygulov

by Tintins

by KREATIVA Studio

By Marina Matijaca

by Brian Edward Miller

by Martin Strba

by Marina Matijaca

by MichaƂ Roszyk

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